The beating heart of the Distillery. This still was custom built in Eislingen, Germany. We chose this still because it allows us to make any spirit we desire. The still itself is built completely out of copper. Copper is essential because it reacts with the vapor and frees the spirits of any unwanted flavors. Our still is a truly a work of art that can only be enjoyed with a visit to the distillery.


Facts for the fellow distilling nerd:

– 1000 Copper Kothe Hybrid-Pot Still

– 2 -17 Foot High Vodka Columns with combined 17 Plates

– 2 Dephlegmators (Give us the ability to finely tune alcohol percentage)

– Steam powered by 1.5 Million BTU boiler

– Complete CIP sytem



  • 21 Rittenhouse Pl.
  • Ardmore, PA 19003

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