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Hand Sanitizer

Limited Quantity 32 Ounce and 4 Ounce options

Product is packaged in a 32oz or 4oz Spray Plastic PET Bottle. Sanitizer can be transferred to any household or commercial spray bottle to be used as a mist to sanitize hands or surfaces. This forumla was produced under guidance of the CDC.


Please only buy Sanitizer from companies you know and trust. Our Sanitizer is made ONLY from Food Grade Ethanol, that we produce at our distillery. There has been an alarming rate of Pop-up Sanitizer companies that have been utilizing fuel ethanol from Texas Gas companies. Yes, it may kill germs and are cheap, but they contain a variety of heavy metals, methanol, etc and were never intended for use on skin.

70%- 93.7%
3%- 4.7%
98%- 1.6%