Bluebird Distilling is a true-grain-to-glass distillery. We are based in PA, but are quickly growing and expanding into other markets and states. We are made up of fun, passionate people dedicated to creating world-class spirits and enjoying life.


Jared Adkins


Jared is the founder of Bluebird. He left his comfy life in the corporate world to follow his passion for distilling. Jared wears many hats around Bluebird. Distiller during the day / sales in the afternoon / bartender by night... He has an immense passion for whiskey and adventure. On his rare days he's not at the distillery ,you can find him outside doing something awesome.


Northeast Sales Manager

Tristan is a lifelong hospitality professional, having worked in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Philadelphia throughout his career. When Tristan is not out slinging spirits, he enjoys riding motorcycles, off-roading, camping, and tinkering in his workshop.


Distiller / Coffee Connoisseur

Scotty comes from over a decade in the brewing industry. He made the transition to whiskey and hasn't looked back. On his time off you can find him roasting up one of his specialty coffee bean blends. "Breaking beans" in the house.


Beverage Director

If you’ve been to the bar at Bluebird Distilling, you’ve probably met Matt. With bar and hospitality experience from dives to fine dining, Bluebird cocktails have been Matt’s passion since the bar first opened its doors. He does, however, come to Bluebird by way of Long Island and State College, so you’ll have to forgive his sports allegiances.


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