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Founder / Master Distiller/ Adventurer

Jared is the founder of Bluebird. He left his comfy life in the corporate world to follow his passion for distilling. Jared wears many hats around Bluebird. Distiller during the day / sales in the afternoon / bartender by night... He has an immense passion for whiskey and adventure. On his rare days he's not at the distillery ,you can find him outside doing something awesome.


Northeast Sales Manager

Chandra is our face on the streets. On a daily basis she's out and about introducing the world to Bluebird. In her spare time you can find her being one of Philly's premier socialites.


Distiller / Coffee Connoisseur

Scotty comes from over a decade in the brewing industry. He made the transition to whiskey and hasn't looked back. On his time off you can find him roasting up one of his specialty coffee bean blends. "Breaking beans" in the house.


Bar Manager / Ambassador

If you have visited our bar here at Bluebird, you have probably met Matt. He is a staple here and mixes up some amazing cocktails. However, he is a die hard NY sports fan, but we try not to hold that against him.


Bartender / Baller

Bartender by Day, Baller by night . On Whitney's spare time off. She enjoys volunteering and coaching HS basketball.


Bartender / Party Animal

Lindsey is always cheerful and sporting a smile. She may not be able to see over the bar but Lindsey can sure make some great cocktails.


Bartender / Rock Climber

Lauren comes from the craft beer world, but now has picked up a love for making cocktails. On her days off, you can catch her working on her pipes, or bouldering at the local rock gym.

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