No Frills Black Friday Release- Extra Old- Port Barrel Finished
November 23, 2018

Better late then never. We have been extremely busy here at Bluebird, but are continuing our Black Friday release. We are happy to announce the first release of our Barrel Finished Series….

‘Extra Old Tawny Port Barrel Finished American Wheat Whiskey’

We took a few of the oldest barrels of ‘2018 American Whiskey Fest Gold Medal winning’ American Wheat Whiskey and emptied them into a 60 Gallon freshly dumped Extra Old Tawny Port Wine barrel. This Barrel was delivered straight from Portugal with a bit of wine still splashing around (which we gladly finished off). We then aged the Wheat Whiskey for over a year in the port barrel until it was just right. We are happy to say this Whiskey has transformed into something extraordinary!

Tasting Notes:
Up Front- Caramel, Toffee, Earth, Plum
Mid Palate- Melted Chocolate, Nuts
Finish – Light Strawberry, Deep Dried Fruits

***This is a very limited product, bottles are numbered and will potentially sell out *** Estimating 180-200 Bottles

No Frills Release

Black Friday
9:30 am Release –
** – 750mL Bottles- $59.99 – **
– Free Donuts
– Tawny American Wheat Whiskey Spiked Coffee
– Specialty Warm Cocktails to start your day
– Straight Pours